The Ultimate Guide to Frugal Living in 2023

  Do you frequently indulge at restaurants, even though you know cooking at home will save money? It’s frustrating, right? You’d like to spend your money wisely, but you just need more information and a clear path to becoming spend-savvy.  Congratulations! You’re in the right place! There are many frugal living blogs, but this one will give you all the frugal living ideas and frugal living tips you’ll need to start your journey. If you're a beginner at frugal living, you’ll definitely have questions and need practical tips to help you get started. This guide is packed with tips, and will answer your questions to help you reach your financial goals. Let’s dive in! What is a Frugal Person? So, is the guy who tips his waitress $2 after a large meal with alcohol and appetizers a frugal person? No. He’s no master of frugal living. He’s a cheapskate.  As a frugal spender, you will realize you don’t need the extra calories as much as you need a retirement egg and emergency savings. You

Become A Beekeeper In 2023: In-Depth Answers To The 4 Most Common Questions Of A New Beekeeper

  Photo by Bianca Ackermann So, you're a bee lover, and you want to become a beekeeper, but have no idea what that entails, or what to expect. You may even be asking yourself, "What's a fancy word for 'beekeeper'?"  The answer is 'apiarist', and you're in the right place to learn a few more answers to other common questions regarding beekeeping. We'll go through them one by one. How Do I Become A Beekeeper? In order to become a beekeeper, you'll need to take the time to really consider your level of interest in beginning this adventure. To succeed, you'll need to commit your time to learning everything you can long before you even order your bees.  In your quest to become a beekeeper, you'll quickly find out there is much more to beekeeping than putting bees in a box. Ozarks beekeeper Jeffrey Maddox recommends that all new beekeepers, "Join a bee club and volunteer/work with experienced beekeepers. Get the beekeeping magazines.